A bit about me

My Mission

I’m Avery Underwood and I’m an Empowerment Coach for women.

My mission is to empower women to come home to their true selves, their ultimate wellbeing and to truly come alive and THRIVE.

To have thriving and vibrant relationships with not only themselves, but also with others. To  untangle  and be free of the expectations of others and society. To throw out the rule book and write your own. To find freedom from the mind, and to feel grounded and joyful in their lives. To embrace the full expression of life in all its light and darkness, and to live with an open heart, open to all the wonderful beautiful experiences of this wild adventure of life. To take personal responsibility for our happiness and our choices. And to make a COMMITMENT each day to choose our joy, love and freedom.

✨✨Shall we make some magic happen? ✨✨

What I Stand For

  • Freedom – personal freedom is my #1 top value in life

  • Empowerment – empowering you and others to heal is the key to collective healing overall.

  • Commitment – you have to be committed to yourself and the journey always.

  • Responsibility – we are all responsible for our own lives, choices and healing.

  • Enjoyment – healing doesn’t have to be HEAVY. It’s a balance of dark and light (like everything).

  • Compassion – for ourselves, for others and the planet.

  • Community – we are all a very significant but small drop in a huge and expansive ocean.

  • Giving back – because it’s important to share resources, information, and healing magic!

A little about me

I’m Avery Lee Underwood and I’m British American (British raised, American parents, but with an American accent lol). I am constantly on a quest for self-betterment, not because I believe I need to be fixed, but because I believe we can all be and do better to live more joyful and vibrant lives. 

I left the U.K. in September 2021 to explore pastures new, and am now settled and living in Mexico. I am absolutely in LOVE with this country, it’s culture, food and people – and feeling so grateful and truly blessed to be here.

I love exploring new places, meeting new people and immersing myself in different cultures. I love the sun and the heat, and nothing brings me more joy than swimming in the sea on a hot summers day. I’m a sucker for a spicy margarita, I love good food (give me sourdough pizza and some cake any day) and love feeling content and joyful in the life I’m creating.

I’m a sensitive soul and I consider myself to be Spiritual (I’m an Aries sun, Cancer moon, Sag rising and a Generator in Human Design). And I’m just so thrilled with the work that I do empowering women to come home to their true nature and their ultimate wellbeing.

If you’re ready to take the first steps, are curious to find out more, or simply want to say hey – I’d love to hear from you!

Did you know that 10% of my fees go to charity?

That’s right! Healing never felt so good. Charities include (but are not limited to) The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, The Rainforest Alliance, The Ocean Clean Up, Women’s Aid, Mind, Wish and Stonewall. If you have a specific charity that’s important to you, I’m always open to suggestions!

What my amazing clients have to say

I took Avery’s Self Care Isn’t Selfish course and it was really inspiring, insightful and surprisingly comforting. I learnt that many of the things I feel and struggle with are completely normal and felt by others too. This course made me feel comfortable with the idea of striving for something different, something that isn’t defined by salary and title. Something that makes me feel like my time on this planet is worthwhile. I would highly recommend this course and Avery to anyone looking for a positive, relatable and productive course that leaves you feeling empowered and able to make a change -however small – that puts you first.

Emma Grace Bailey

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish Client

Avery is an absolute dream. I took her Self Care Isn’t Selfish programme, during which we explored all different aspects of self love, compassion and finding joy. The work she put into it was incredible, so much good research and explained in a way that made it relatable. She also made so much effort to check in with all of us outside of the programme. I am gutted that the 6 weeks of it went so fast, would definitely recommend to anyone looking to dig a little deeper into themselves!

Gabi Melendez

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish Client

I am STUNNED by how much my energy levels have improved. I have been sleeping through the night and waking up feeling energised. I have been able to make it through the day without feeling like I need to take a nap, and it is wonderful! I am seriously so excited about this and I am endlessly grateful for your help and guidance.

Lyndsay Griffin

Self-Care 1-2-1 Client

Imagine with me for a second…

Years down the line, you look around. You feel grounded, confident, and fulfilled. You’re joyful, you’re vibrant, you are OOZING good vibes from all angles.

And then you think back to the day you made the decision that you needed a CHANGE. The day you felt an unease inside, and a disharmony in your mind. Back in a time when you felt unsure, unconfident and unfulfilled. Unfulfilled by your relationships, by your job, by your living situation – when everything just felt meh. When you knew there must be more. You were craving for it. yearning for it. And you feel so grateful to yourself for that moment. Even through all the self-doubt and fear, for knowing that you had to make a change. That even if you didn’t really feel it at that time, you came to the place that you knew you DESERVED it. That there was more for you. That your wildest, truest self needed to return home and be free.

And that one decision led you to an avalanche of more, that led you to be sat right here in the life of your dreams. YOU did this – and you feel so grateful and proud. And all it took was the first step.

So my question to you is – is that moment now? Even if only some of it resonates, why not make the change to move forward into the life of your wildest dreams?

It’s yours to decide 😉

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