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The GRAB LIFE Podcast S1E1 – Anti-Diet Fitness, Self-Love and Empowerment w/ Marissa of MPWRLDN. Enjoy!

SO excited to share with y’all the first episode of The Grab Life Podcast! And what a way to kick it off with an all around absolute gem of a babe Marissa Hussain of MPWRLDN.

Marissa is an anti-diet fitness coach who is all about empowerment and healing the relationship with ourselves so we can feel good and move our bodies in a way that is intrinsically motivated versus for external validation and aesthetic reasons. We chat about her journey from dance, acting, boutique fitness to her very own online fitness business. We talk about the importance of self-care and setting boundaries when you are running a small business that is also your hobby and passion, and how her saying NO to the boutique fitness world led her to her thriving small business today.

Also her profile and herself are super colourful and vibrant – which as you know from my website and social media profiles – I’m all about. For feel-good fitness, she’s definitely one to follow.

The doors to her MPWR Unleashed waitlist are open! Click the link below to join the waitlist for some feel-good fitness and self-love vibes.

Enjoy the episode!

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