More Authentically You 1-2-1 Package

More Authentically You

Do you often wonder if you really know who you are? Or perhaps you feel like there’s something missing in your life, and you can’t quite put your finger on it? Maybe you’re in a bit of a rut, unsure of the direction you want to go in your life? Or you’re simply looking for the confidence to trust your intuition to guide your life?

 More Authentically You has been carefully designed to explore all of the above – and empower you to re-calibrate to your more soul aligned and authentic you!

By exploring your values, what you love, your strengths, your purpose, as well as how to tap in to your intuition – you will be better equipped to more authentically show up as you every single day. How you decide to apply this after is down to you 😉

So many of us, especially big-hearted, empathic women – have grown up with a sense of security and safety around being the caregiver. 

We do this by giving our emotional and caring natures out to those around us endlessly because it’s in our nature and it feels good to give. Although this is beautiful, and I commend your giving nature, we often get too wrapped up in it that we lose ourselves. What this means is that a lot of our identities are formulated around being the helper. We have gotten lost in who we really are by taking care of others and seeking external validation in order to feel fulfilled. And that’s why so many of us don’t actually know the answer to the question, who really am I at my core?

I say this with compassion because I have been there. 

When I made a commitment to figure out who I was, to stop numbing myself with busyness and partying, and really get to know and love the real me – my whole life totally shifted. 

And I that’s why I want to guide and empower you to do the same.

How It Works

Who really are you?

Over the 4 sessions (50 minutes) on Zoom, we will explore this question – helping you to recalibrate and connect to your authentic self – empowering you to live a life more in authentic alignment with your soul through INSPIRATION ACTION and deep self-exploration.

In the sessions we will explore:

  • What are you values? And how can you recalibrate to live more in alignment with them?
  • What do you LOVE and how can you do more of this everyday?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses, and how can you use these to your advantage to live more authentically as you?
  • What is your soul PURPOSE? Exploration in to what, and how to apply this to your life.
  • What is your intuition, how to tap in to it and use it to live your most authentic, soul aligned life.

By exploring the above and embodying your truth, you allow yourself to align to your more authentic soul version of you – raising your vibe, stepping in to your power, and attracting in more joy, vibrancy and fulfillment in the process.

Are you ready to unlock your true, authentic power?

Did you know that 10% of my fees go to charity?

That’s right! Healing never felt so good. Charities include (but are not limited to) The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, The Rainforest Alliance, The Ocean Clean Up, Women’s Aid, Wish, Mind and Stonewall. If you have a specific charity that’s important to you, I’m always open to suggestions!

More Authentically You - 4 Week Coaching Package

£ 222
  • Payment plans available upon request