Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

Here’s how to get more self-love right now

✨What parts of yourself do you wish you could learn to love, or at the very least accept?✨

No shade – we all have ones we’re working through! And because of that, a super important value of mine in life and coaching is giving the 🖕 to societal standards. ALWAYS. Even when it’s hard to not give in to the pressure.

I detest that we live in a world that thrives off our insecurities and tells us all to play by the same rule book, but it makes it super empowering to try to dismantle & actively go against it. The pressure felt is totally real and valid, for marginalized groups there are so many more added layers also, and even tho I am against societal standards, at times I can’t escape it also.

We have been conditioned by diet culture, marketing and capitalism, especially as women, that we are only valuable when we are thin, submissive and living the straight and narrow path of corporate job, marriage, children, the end. But this is BS and I cannot stress enough how important it is to live this life FOR YOU, RIGHT NOW. Whatever that looks like for you – just doooo itttttt. Push past that fear and MAKE IT HAPPEN. I would love to help you with this by the way! 😉

You are never:
💜Too old to do something
💜Too big to feel good in yourself
💜Too loud
💜Too wild
💜Not enough when not made up or whenever for that matter

You are always:


Yes it’s a constant battle to fight for our self love and worthiness and to drown out the noise of societal standards telling us we should shrink and change ourselves. But the more we challenge this, and shift our mindset, and learn to love and look after ourselves, the more we do this 🖕🖕 to anyone or thing that tells us otherwise.

What parts of yourself do you wish you could love, or at the very least accept? Drop a line in the comments <3

We all have them, but just remember that we can CHOOSE to learn to love ourselves no matter what. And if you’d like help on this journey, nothing would bring me more joy so shoot me a message by clicking here.

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