1-2-1 Coaching

Power Hour 1-2-1 Coaching

These single session coaching Power Hours have been designed as little powerful nuggets of coaching magic when longer coaching journeys don’t feel necessary. Additional sessions of any can be added as depending on your needs. All sessions you will leave with a personalised and unique Inspired Action Plan, as well as customised resources and tools, so you can start living your truth and embodying your new mindset. You will also receive access to me via Telegram for 10 days after our session for anything you may need re integration, the resources, and implementing the Inspired Action Plan. These are loving safe spaces of non-judgement and I cannot wait to facilitate for you.

All sessions are $111 for 60 minutes via Skype

Please note, we may run over time so plan accordingly. There will be no additional charge for running over, so let’s see where the session takes us! Discovery calls are not available for power hour sessions unless you plan to book 2 or more. Feel free to message me on the contact page or DM me on Instagram to chat more about them if interested <3

Special price for Bundled Sessions – see below for details!

Highest Self Power Hour

In this Highest Self Power Hour session, I will create a safe space for you to tap into your Highest Self (the you you were born as. The infinite soul of wellbeing, of love, and wisdom), delve into what may be blocking you from embodying that, and explore ways to overcome these. This is for anyone looking to move FORWARD in their lives in a positive and most soul-aligned direction.

Decision Paralysis Power Hour

Do you have a tough decision to make and are stuck in decision paralysis? Is there something in your life you’re unsetlled with and trying to make peace with a decision so you can finally move forward? I understand how troubling these times can be, which is why I’ve created this Power Hour. Air your dilemma in a safe space, wade through all options, and tap into your inner knowing. You will leave with more clarity, and an action plan on whatever resolution. Please note – the coaching process enables you to find the answer within yourself. I will not tell you what to do, but you will be given a safe space to work through it with an impartial 3rd party.

Be Kinder to Yourself Power Hour

Are you a perfectionist, or someone who is generally quite hard on themselves? Then this Power Hour is designed for you. Learn the tools of self-compassion and overcoming negative through patterns to be kinder to yourself, as well as cultivating a sense of self-appreciation, acceptance and bringing more joy and fun to your life and on this personal development journey.

More Inner Peace Power Hour

Are you an overthinker? Do you often get lost in thought, taken out of the present moment? Can you sometimes get quite stressed or anxious and are unsure how to manage this? Then this is for you! We’ll go over how these ‘coping strategies’ aren’t helping you, shift your mindset around this, learn the tools for letting go, and grounding as well as mindfulness to calm your nervous system. If you want more calm and presence in your life, this has been designed with you in mind.

Life Appreciation Power Hour

Learn the power of gratitude and appreciation for the life you have. Overcome the blocks you have from this appreciation, and how to cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude for your life as it is right now. Feeling appreciative of what we have is important in order to cultivate more contentment and joy NOW. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more from our lives, but if we are constnatly waiting for xy or z to make us happy, we will miss out on the joy of the journey to get there.

Overcoming Perfectionism Power Hour

In this session we will explore how perfectionism has been holding you back, and how to move forward making peace with being the perfectly imperfect gorgeous human that you are. The goal is to increase confidence and shift your mindset so that your perfectionist never stops you from doing the things you want to do again! You’ll also learn some tools for regulating your nervous system during times of intense perfectionism fear <3

Get To Know The Real You Power Hour

Do you sometimes feel lost? Like you don’t know who you are, or where you’re going? This Power Hour has been designed for you to learn the tools of self-exploration. You will learn to become more self-aware, explore what your values are, your likes and dislikes, how you like to have fun – all the ways that make you human and YOU will be explored in this session. We will explore your limiting beliefs, and the rule book of the ‘SHOULDs’ you may be living by that may be making you feel so lost and out of alignment – and most importantly we will explore what YOU want, so you can start to live your life according to your rules.

Your Dream Life Alignment Power Hour

Let’s explore where you want to be in the future – and most importantly how to align your actions NOW to set you up for this future. It’s manifestation (setting your intentions) and action rolled into 1 – all whilst learning to greatly appreciate your life as it is now, so that you can enjoy the journey in getting to your end destination. This is not designed to OVERTHINK our future, but to align our present actions in order to set us up for the future that you want. Your dream life awaits with the choices you make now…

6 Bundled Power Hour Sessions

$ 599
  • 6 Power Hour Session of your choice