Feel Your Best, Always – Self-Care Course

Self-care is abundantly important for a joyful, fulfilling and thriving life – but unfortunately so many of us, especially big-hearted women, cast our needs to the side as an afterthought. This means we can often feel burnt out, resentful and frustrated – I’ve seen it in myself and so many amazing women and clients.

But enough is enough. We must learn to prioritise ourselves and our needs as well – so that we can show up for our families, friends and communities with an overflow of energy, light and love (which is how we all want to), versus from an empty cup. And it all starts with how we show ourselves love through non-negotiable self-care.

I turned my popular 8 week group programme Self-Care Isn’t Selfish into this stand alone course. To see what my previous clients have had to say about the programme, click here.

This course is about:

  • Reconnecting with your intuition, body + your needs
  • Embodying your self-worth by implementing non-negotiable self-care
  • Implementing self-care that feels good and fits in to your busy life, your way

It will give you the tools to:

  • Build sustainable habits that last
  • Combat stress and overwhelm
  • Prioritise yourself + your needs
  • Enjoy life with more energy and vibrancy

This course is for anyone who:

  • Wants more balance + joy in abundance
  • Wants to feel more energised and enthusiastic about life
  • Wants to have more energy for their friends, family and community
  • Is ready to invest in themselves and their well-being

This course is not for those who:

  • Want to keep feeling overwhelmed + burnt out
  • Want to continue to stay stuck, versus making the change they need
  • Are not willing to invest in themselves and their well-being

How it works

Each module contains an informative video on a specific topic. There is an accompanying workbook to build self-awareness and get you thinking deeply on the topic, and how you can start to cultivate and build good self-care habits around this topic. There are various other bits included in the modules, such as guided meditations etc depending on the module.

Topics covered:

Building habits that last, the building blocks of self-love, nourish yourself with good food, mindful movement, stress management techniques that work, uplevel your sleep, cultivating meaningful relationships, setting boundaries, and maintaining balance and having more fun in your life.

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