Uplevel 1-2-1 Package

Self-Love & Alignment Coaching

Minimum 6 sessions over a 3 month period

You’re a perfectionist. You’re a people pleaser. You are constantly seeking approval from others to feel validated. You don’t feel good enough in your body or as who you really are and berate yourself because of this. You are constantly busy because it’s easier to be busy than spend time on your own. You don’t know what it feels like not care what others think of you. You often feel totally stressed and overwhelmed with your massive to-do list that never seems to end, and you find it hard to carve out and prioritise time for yourself – which makes it even worse.

Because of all this you’re burnt out. You’re exhausted from living a life that doesn’t feel like it’s yours. And to top it off you generally feel quite stressed (hello overwhelm!).

All you want is to be happy.

You know you need to learn to set boundaries and say no, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to do it. You’ve tried to make changes, but your old habits and thought patterns keep creeping in. You’re incredibly hard on yourself which can be completely debilitating. 

You nodding along? I know this well because I’ve been there!

You KNOW you need to do something about this. 

You want to feel grounded, whole and love yourself as you are. You want this so badly because you know how much this would change your life for the better.

 And that’s where coaching can come in as a helping hand to guide you to your most vibrant and joyful life…

The thing is – you are the love of your own life. 

You don’t need anyone to feel whole! But we are conditioned to be too dependent on others for our happiness. We found that being negative and hard on ourselves is our default and that striving for perfection will finally make us happy, but the truth is, you can be happy right now, exactly as you are.

You’ve been led to believe that somehow you’re not enough of this, or too much of that. You formed beliefs about yourself when you were a child that you are carrying with you unknowingly in to adulthood. These behaviour patterns that frustrate you, that you can’t seem to break free from – these patterns and beliefs no longer serve you. It wasn’t your fault when you were younger that you formed these patterns of behaviour and beliefs, but it’s up to you as a sovereign adult to decide that you deserve BETTER. That you want MORE. To choose YOURSELF.

Learn to love you, exactly as you as (yes, EXACTLY as is). Because you DO NOT NEED TO BE FIXED.

But you do need to learn to embrace yourself as you are. And understand that you’re WORTH loving yourself fearlessly, taking care of yourself unapologetically, and creating and going after the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

How it works

The minimum investment for the Uplevel Package is 6 sessions.

This is the minimum amount of time needed to establish the coaching relationship and start to shift and implement real change in behaviour and mindset in the areas of self-love and aligned living. We do this through deep exploration and INSPIRED ACTION to enable you to UPLEVEL to your Highest Self – the best and most authentic expression of you that you were born as who lost along the way. 

THIS is joyful living. Choosing YOU and daring to live a life more authentically aligned with your soul.

All sessions are held via Zoom.

Here’s how the sessions run:

1st session – FOUNDATIONAL – 90 mins

  • Getting to know each other. Going through your pre-session form. Doing various exercises
  • Delving in to your past, your present and most importantly your FUTURE (where you want to get to)
  • Get clear on your VISION STATEMENT and start subconscious reprogramming meditation everyday after until end of our time together

2nd session – UPLEVELING YOUR SELF-CARE GAME – 50 mins

  • We need to be taking care of ourselves properly to have the resources, energy and brain space to be able to show up and do this work
  • What areas need improving, and a self-care wellness plan to start implementing straight away

3rd, 4th & 5th sessions – 50 mins

  • Based on whatever came up in the foundational session will be worked through in these sessions
  • Explore limiting beliefs, how to shift mindset, Inner Child Healing, various techniques and exercises to help with whatever topics we will be delving into etc

6th session – THAT’S A WRAP – 50 mins

  • Tie up any loose ends. Create a solid action plan to take forth. Tips on how to carry on the work on your own. Explore any hesitations or niggles etc

Between sessions you will receive – accountability from me, subconscious reprogramming meditation, any homework tasks, journal prompts, inspired action steps to step you in to your highest self NOW 

Additional sessions can be added as needed

Areas which will be explored include:

Self-care (nourishment, lifestyle, etc), self-love (self-awareness, self-compassion, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-trust, etc), and the secrets to joyful living. We go in to deep self-exploration, do highest self work, explore mindfulness, visualisation, subconscious reprogramming, inner child healing and more. It’s totally tailored and personalised to your own journey, so no two coaching processes are the same. But the end goal is always to UPLEVEL your life, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and a deeper sense of worth and love for yourself exactly as you are.

For more info on who I am and my journey to self-love click below 

What is subconscious reprogramming and why is it important?

Our subconscious mind controls 95% of our behaviour and thoughts. As a young child, we are like sponges – absorbing everything around us. In these formative years we formed beliefs about ourselves that aren’t true – based on experiences we have with caretakers, other adult figures in our lives, or friends etc. With every limiting belief formed, we integrated these as parts of ourselves – as though it is true – and we carry these patterns with us well in to adulthood.

The reason you feel not good enough, not lovable, or like there is something wrong with you comes from these deep seated beliefs. 

We use subconscious reprogramming to explore these limiting beliefs, but most importantly CHANGE them to realign with our most authentic selves. We were all born with the capacity to fully love, with unfounded confidence and the truest authentic expression of ourselves – but unfortunately we were knocked down throughout our lives and we lost this childlike wonder along with it.

So how does subconscious reprogramming work?

Throughout the sessions, we will explore limiting beliefs and you will learn how to rewire them. You will also receive a 10 minute guided subconscious reprogramming meditation (that you will do daily during our time together) which will get you visualising your vision statement each day that helps to brings you in to the VIBRATION of your highest self. 

When we meditate, our brain goes in to theta brainwaves, the deep relaxation waves and allow our minds to deeply relax and imprint new positive beliefs in to our subconscious. And that’s the beauty of subconscious reprogramming! 10 minutes of daily calm to instill more positive and affirming beliefs – allowing more joy, vibrancy and fulfillment to shine through…

Did you know that 10% of my fees go to charity?

That’s right! Healing never felt so good. Charities include (but are not limited to) The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, The Rainforest Alliance, The Ocean Clean Up, Women’s Aid, Wish, Mind and Stonewall. If you have a specific charity that’s important to you, I’m always open to suggestions!

Uplevel 1-2-1 Package - Self-Love & Alignment Coaching

£ 555 Investment for 3 months
  • Payment plans available upon request
  • Additional sessions available as needed