Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

Self-love is loving all parts of you – the light and the dark

Been doing a lot of thinking and I’m committing to even more authenticity and realness in how I show up as a coach.

I want to share more of my soul evolution in real time. I have held back a lot as there is this pressure as coaches, healers or whatever that we must have it all figured out in order to help others on their journey.

This is total BS.

Because we are ALWAYS growing. We are ALWAYS learning. We are ALWAYS evolving. And it’s ridiculous to hold someone on a pedestal and think they’ve got it all figured out when they’re still just a flawed human, like we all are.

I no longer want to be ashamed of when tricky self-love or personal healing moments come up for me – because a lot of my “not good enough” moments have popped up recently from starting my business!! Which can make it feel even MORE alienating and confusing.

I think to myself – “You’re a Self-Love Coach God dammit, isn’t it interesting that these things have come up around this?!” But just because I am a Self-Love Coach doesn’t mean I don’t have my self-love wobbles. We will ALWAYS have wobbles – it’s how we DEAL with these that make the difference.

The more honest and real we are about how we’re doing, and most importantly how we deal with it, you’ll be so surprised how much your truth resonates with someone else and makes them feel less alone.

And I feel shit scared of “losing face” and that some people may think I’m “unprofessional” or whatever it is that has held me back from being honest and open about it all. But I trust that the people who are meant to be here and a part of my community will embrace all of this with open arms.


I am 100% committed to my soul evolution. I’m here for all the shit. The breakdowns. The breakthroughs. The moments of pure JOY and the moments of pure heartbreak.

This is LIFE. We cannot avoid this – and I’m so sick of social media making us feel like if life isn’t shiny, it’s not worth living. We all talk about it all the time in the self-love space, but how much do we STILL hold back because we want to be a source of empowerment?

Real empowerment comes from the realness of raw TRUTH.

I’m here for the polarity. For the balance. The good and the bad. I’m all about this. Hell, I still party and then do my meditation and yoga the next day 🙌

This is my comittment to all of me. Are you committed to you to?

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