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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

SO excited to announce the Grab Life podcast!

I have been DYING to unveil my new passion project – and now I finally can!!

So what’s Grab Life all about?

Grab Life is all about taking positive action towards a brighter and more vibrant future. Stories of overcoming adversity, great will, and/or hope show us that it’s never too late to grab life by the horns, and that positive action is the only way to make our dreams become a reality.  It’s about having FUN and shining light and hope in to a world that can often times be too damn heavy. We should take on serious matters with tenacity, but try to do it with humour and humility. 

I can’t wait to have conversations with extraordinary people! Change makers in the wellness industry, body positivity movement, social activists, and so much more. I’ve been wanting to release a podcast for years now, so this is a total dream come true.

I’ve already started recording episodes, and season 1 will be out in January 2021 🙌🏼🙌🏼

So watch this space 😉 If there’s anyone you want to recommend I chat to, shoot a comment down below!

Until then, keep shining <3

Ave X

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