Stress LESS to Live MORE

Stress LESS to Live MORE

4 Week Group Programme

Begins Weds 7th April ’21 @ 6:30pm GMT

You’re tired of feeling tired. Of feeling overwhelmed. Of your head running away with you at 1000 thoughts per minute. Of feeling like your shit has a handle on your rather than you handling your shit. 

Nodding your head?

I know what it’s like because I’ve BEEN there. It’s maddening to feel like your life is just TOO overwhelming, like you’ve not got enough time in the day and just TOO MUCH TO DO. It affects your mood, your overall quality of life, and most of all, your energy that stops you from doing the things you actually enjoy. 

Because I can related, I also know the sweet relief when you can find ways of coping with it. And I want you to find the same.

The truth is is that life will always be busy. Our to do list will always be long – this is inevitable, and it’s also OK. So it’s our duty to ensure we can tackle it with as much lightness of heart and spirit so that we don’t burn out. This means having a sufficient tool kit of stress management techniques that are unique and work for US. 

That’s what this 4 week group programme is all about. Empowering you with the knowledge so you can find your unique stress management formula that helps you finally stress LESS so you can live MORE.

How it works?

Each week there will either be a Live webinar/group coaching call, or a 1-2-1 session. More details on the breakdown of this below.

You will also have access to the “Stress LESS to Live MORE” Facebook container where the Live’s will be held, and where you can interact with other group members. 

In terms of additional support – I ensure to check in on you once a week to see how you’re getting on, and am available for email and/or Facebook group support throughout the process.

Are you ready to say YES and invest in the most important asset in the world – YOU?

So, what can you expect?

On weeks 1,2 and 4, there will be a 30-60 minute live webinar at 6:30pm GMT. You will receive an interactive reflective workbook on these weeks also. Week 3 you will have a chance for some 1-2-1 personalised coaching to ensure the stress management goals work for YOU (as this enables the best chance of successful long lasting habits).

Week 1  –  What is stress?

  • An in-depth look of what happens in the body when we’re stressed
  • The health implications of chronic stress
  • How it affects our overall quality of life
  • Q&A

Week 2 – What can we do about it?

  • Stress management techniques that WORK
  • Q&A

Week 3 – 1-2-1 Session

  • 50 minute session exploring how to apply stress management techniques that will work for YOU and how to apply them
  • For more details on how the 1-2-1 will work see below

Week 4 – What now?

  • How to continue committing to your new Stress Less personalised programme
  • A positive kind of stress?! How to get more of this in your life
  • Q&A

Why is a 1-2-1 session important?

Because forming new habits are hard – especially when we’re not clear on what we’re setting. In the 1-2-1 session we will hash out any questions you may have had over the first 2 webinar’s. Then we will explore which stress management techniques are right for you, and most importantly how they can fit effectively in to your life.

If there are common scenarios which trigger stress and are particularly problematic, in this 1-2-1 I will help coach you through these so you’re better equipped to deal with them post-programme.  We will create a personalised stress management plan that works for YOU, which you can start to implement straight away.

Incorporating elements of  lifestyle medicine, wellness, preventative healthcare, mindfulness, tapping in to your intuition and the science behind these topics, you will leave with an incredible log of knowledge that you will have with you for life. The hope is to leave you feeling empowered on how to best incorporate these practical techniques in to your life so that you  have the tools to deal with stress and overwhelm and most importantly, BOSS LIFE.

What’s more, you will have access to the STRESS LESS to LIVE MORE online community & information FOR LIFE. 

That means every time the course is run, you can tag along to the live’s. With every update, revision & a whole host of new community members, this is a space of love, light & growth, and I cannot WAIT to do this with you!

Did you know that 10% of my fees go to charity?

That’s right! Healing never felt so good. Charities include (but are not limited to) The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, The Rainforest Alliance, The Ocean Clean Up, Women’s Aid, Mind, Wish and Stonewall. If you have a specific charity that’s important to you, I’m always open to suggestions!

Stress LESS to Live MORE

£ 99 For 4 Weeks
  • Payment plans available upon request

If you’d like to find out if this programme is right for you, book in a free “Find Out More” Call 👇👇