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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

The GRAB LIFE Podcast S1E5 – Disability Education w/ Hannah Hoskins @notyourgrandmasuk

Wondering how our society can be more accessible for all? According to Hannah Hoskins @notyourgrandmasuk, this isn’t possible!

This week on The Grab Life Podcast, I talk with Hannah from Not Your Grandmas UK and we talk about her online activism, the effect COVID has had on the disabled community, how there is no such thing as a completely accessible society, why saying disability is ‘inspirational’ is problematic and so much more.

Hannah found out she was disabled when she had to Google it for work! She has since created a thriving disability education Instagram, as well as online shop, podcast, online courses and more.

Hope you enjoy the episode!  To listen on your preferred podcast platform, click the squiggle in the top right corner below. As always, subscribe to get instant notifications, and leave a review <3

To visit Hannah’s online shop, click here

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