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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

The GRAB LIFE Podcast – S2E1 – The harms of the patriarchy for men & compassion w/ James Walsham @thehonestbloke

Today on the Grab Life podcast I talk with James Walsham, aka The Honest Bloke – and I LOVED this conversation because it’s a topic that I find so interesting. How the patriarchy affects not only women, but men negatively, and the importance of compassion in all aspects of our life. 

James’ work as mens’ mental health advocate and coach is something that is SO NECESSARY in the world. With 3/4 suicides in the UK being men, the ability to open up the conversation around the importance of mental health, expressing emotions and compassion for men is so monumental for not only the healing of men as a collective, but the society we live in in general. 

You can listen to the episode on your preferred podcast platform by clicking the squiggle in the top right hand corner below. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to get instant notifications of episode releases. 

Let me know what your favourite takeaway point was below – and make sure to check out James’ Instagram profile and work here.


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