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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

The GRAB LIFE Podcast – S2E2 – The importance of autonomy + compassionate communication w/ Magdalena Jensen (Transformational Life Coach)

Today on the Grab Life podcast I talk with Magdalena Jensen, who is a Transformation Life Coach as well as Creative Director in the music industry. The main focus of the conversation is around the importance of AUTONOMY and compassionate communication in today’s world, especially on social media – but we also talk her own personal journey of starting her business, how the motto ‘sleep when you’re dead’ and ‘fake it til you make it’ cost her total burn out, and how her lack of self-care caused her to lash out at her loved ones and generally be negative and bad vibes. 

This is LITERALLY why i’ve created my 8 week group coaching programme Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, which I’ll talk more about at the end of the episode so make sure to stick around. We also talk about her digital nomading in Central America, and how the polarisation of society is driving us further away from progress which is being field by social media. SO many juicy topics basically!

To listen on your preferred podcast platform, click the squiggle in the top right corner below. If you’re triggered by anything in the podcast, drop a comment or shoot us a DM @thecolourfulcoach and @magdalenajensen_coach! We are both super up for compassionately communicating with you 😉

Enjoy the episode!

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