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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

The GRAB LIFE Podcast – S2E4 – Body Image + Trusting Your Intuition w/ Kat Fox (Body Image Coach)

This weeks GRAB LIFE podcast guest Kat Fox (Body Image Coach) who helps women heal the relationship they have with their body, whilst also helping them reconnect with their intuition – one of my favourite topics!

Kat talks about how body image is the centre focus for a lot of people’s personal development journeys, and how when we learn to make peace and heal the relationship with our bodies, we can really step in to our power.

We talk about so much other amazing stuff as well, such as how spirituality and body image are super interlinked, how religion is really at the centre of diet culture which I had no idea abut until this conversation, how body shaming when you become a mom is super prevalent, and how healing the relationship with our bodies helps to pass on good self-love practices to our kids, and so much more…

She also very kindly gifted y’all, my lovely listeners and subscribers, access to her AMAZING Re-Write Your Body Story PDF, so if you struggle with loving/accepting your body – this ones for you. You can get access by emailing me at, and listen to the episode by clicking the squiggle in the top right hand corner below.

What was the most interesting thing you learned in the episode?

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