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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

What is coaching? And what makes it a unique healing experience

Coaching, in my opinion, is such a phenomenal healing method. 

And it’s not just because I am a coach, but because I have BEEN coached to experience it first hand. It’s incredible the amount of inner knowing you already have inside you – sometimes we just need someone else to help us suss it out. 

Unlike other healing therapies, coaching views the client as:

  • Totally whole 
  • Naturally resourceful
Meaning, the client doesn’t need to be fixed, and actually has all the resources within them to do whatever it is they want to do. But the trick is, we have years of built up defense mechanisms and limiting beliefs which hold us back from tapping in to this resevoir of resources. And this is where the coach comes in.

The coach is an ally to the client.

An ally basically means someone on the same playing field as you – a friend. We’re there to hold safe space and ask powerful questions to get to the root of what you’re saying. To listen to your words, your body language and energetic cues to point out and uncover the hidden meaning of what’s really blocking you from creating long lasting sustainable change. Through non-judgement and compassion, you’re able to feel like you’ve got a friend whose there for your best interest, and your best interest only. As an ally and coach we are there to hold you accountable to the changes you so desperately want to make, but can’t seem to do on your own.

This image is a perfect example of the coaching client relationship. The top person is the coach. The client is already climbing the stairs to where they want to get to, but the stairs are large and harder to climb than expected. On their own, the client may get half way, and decide to turn around because it’s too much. But here is the coach reaching the hand out for support up to your goal or destination. The same journey up the stairs is possible without the coach, but the roadblocks you may encounter may be trickier to barricade without someone there to break them down. With the coaches help, the client is able to make it up the stairs faster, and with more care and support. 

The truth is, sustainable lifestyle change is hard. 

Being told information is one thing, but actually IMPLEMENTING the change is the other.

By treating the client (you) as naturally resourceful, you are able to tap in to your inner knowing to figure out what’s best for you. Only YOU know how to best implement your new knowledge and change in to your life. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to help you SEE that perspective, but in your own words.

For example 

It’s all well and good knowing that mindfulness will help improve your stress levels, but how does that look for you? How would YOU best be able to incorporate this in to your life, if you even want to at all? For some people it’s mindful walks, for others its mindful meditation. You need to figure out if it’s something you even want to do, and if it is, how to set goals to incorporate it in your life.

And this is the beauty of coaching. It’s all down to YOU and your inner knowing. With the guided help of an allied coach, you’re more likely to be successful on this journey of personal development and sustainable lifelong change.

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