Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

What would the world look like if we all truly loved ourselves?

The short answer?

A phenomenally different place.

Relationships would end – only for those two people to have the chance to meet the absolute love of their lives who love them for EXACTLY who they are, and vice versa.

People would wake up in the morning and feel excited about their work, because they do something they love and are passionate about that brings them joy…

They would have so much love, patience and compassion for their children, partner, and loved ones…

Meaning less trauma would be being inflicted on those around us, from the hurt we feel from unhealed trauma within ourselves…

There would be people enjoying their lives everyday because they understand that’s what they deserve. To be joyful every single day of their lives and enjoy every moment…

Our world would recalibrate in a way that it so desperately needs. 

Where we are all living our truth, and encouraging one another to do the same.

Because we are all deserving of this. You just need to wake up and realise that you are… And then do something about it.

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