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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

Why “New Year, New Me” is BS

January can be a seriously triggering month. Between all the “New Year, New You” BS and diet culture tryna shove down your throat that you need to lose weight or change, it’s exhausting. Resolutions literally means to resolve and here’s why I have a problem with it.


There, I’ve said it.

And I used to advocate for goals over resolutions for New Year, but I’ve actually recently realised that goals can be quite restricting as well.

So now I’m vouching for INTENTIONS instead.

Goals are super rigid. Intentions are fluid. If goals were a person they’d say, “You must do this or else.” If intentions were a person they’d be like, “This is what I intend to do, but if it doesn’t happen, no biggie. We will reevaluate and figure it out when we get there.”

I’m all for setting out things I want to achieve, but I find putting a date and number on it can lead to the expectation of achieving it (obviously lol. That’s the point of a goal). My point is that it all becomes about achieving that goal, or else, instead of enjoying the journey of creating and seeing with never ending possibilities. It takes the flow out of it – at least in my experience.

If you’re the same, try setting an intention for your day, week, month and year. See how that guides you on a journey of fluid exploration. With no strings attached, and endless possibilities in front of you.

But remember, not now, and not EVER, do you need to be fixed. We are all evolving and growing, but there is no FIXING happening in personal development. Because you were never broken in the first place.

Don’t let diet culture, marketing campaigns or social media take your power away by trying to mould you to be something you’re not.

You’re great as you are.

Now what intentions do you want to set for 2021? Think on it, set them, and get out and make it happen!

You’ve got this <3

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