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Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood

Worry is the thief of presence

Are you stopping yourself from being happy in the now, by projecting a false reality of what you think might happen in the future?

Because holy shit, I’ve totally been doing this! The ego mind strikes again yall!

Do you worry about the worst case scenario of what might happen in the future if you do xyz so you stop yourself from doing it entirely in case that outcome is the one that becomes true?

But what if… it didn’t turn out that way?

What if it turned out in the best way possible?

What if your ego trying to assess the worst case scenario is actually what MAKES the worst case scenario happen?


The truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. And projecting a false reality that would stop us from even GOING there is keeping us stuck.

Yes, the worse case scenario may happen but it’s OK if it does. You can handle it.

And most likely it wouldn’t even happen that way. But it may if you think it into reality by sabotaging yourself and stopping yourself from doing something because of your fears.

Remind yourself what’s real (objective truth – the present) and what’s a false projection of your ego mind. Bring yourself back to the present. That’s where the suffering of our overthinking mind dies 😉

Do you let future worse case scenario projecting stop you from doing things? Or have you in the past? 👇

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